Chapter 21-A: New York City Sports Commission

Section 541.

Section 541. New York city sports commission.

  1. There shall be established a New York city sports commission consisting of five members who shall serve without compensation, each for a term of three years. Two members of the commission shall be appointed by the mayor, and two members shall be appointed by the speaker of the council, and one member shall be designated as chairperson by the mayor after consultation with the speaker. The commission may appoint an executive director to serve at its pleasure and may employ or retain other employees and consultants within appropriations for such purpose.
  2. Each member may designate a representative who may vote on behalf of such member and who shall be counted as a member for the purpose of determining the existence of a quorum. The designation of a representative shall be made in prior written notice served upon the chairperson of the commission.
  3. The commission shall:

   (1) make recommendations to insure the continuation and growth of a healthy environment for professional, amateur and scholastic sports activities in the city;

   (2) hold at least one meeting per month;

   (3) issue a quarterly report to the mayor and the council detailing the commission’s activities during the previous three month period;

   (4) issue an annual report to the mayor and the council at the start of each fiscal year detailing the commission’s goals for the upcoming year;

   (5) submit a proposed annual budget to the council no later than March thirty-first of each year;

   (6) seek to promote the city as a positive and profitable base for professional sports teams wishing to relocate their organizations; and

   (7) perform such other duties as may be necessary as determined by the commission.